Tuesday, November 3, 2009


this will be the end of this chapter in life. i'll be moving on...................

thanks to my dear friends who had been with through the good times and bad.

life will never be the same again.

thank you, Izzey for being the light of my life till now.

Monday, June 29, 2009

birthday bash surprise

boyfie and i rented a car for the weekend. we went for a spin and spent time together in the car. on fri, we took my family out for dinner and he took his mom out on sat morning. so we went out on sat afternoon for movie and went for a spin around town.

Sunday was a delightful surprise though. coz i tot he didnt plan anything for me! he said let's just go with the flow when we go out. coz i actually said to him, i'm expecting something for my bday! since we didnt really celebrate my bday together so he said he wanna make it up to me. but there wasnt anything plan on fri or sat. so i was disappointed and pissed.

then Sat, he told me to meet at 9 am the next day, sun. so i waited and waited till 10 am. he arrived at my doorstep singingpaparazzi with the rest of the guys shouting 'SURPRISE! HAPPY BDAY SHASHA!!' i was like, wats the commotion outside?! it was super sweet to see all of them outside my doorstep in the morning.

then we proceed to sentosa for picnic and cake cutting! i have to thank NANA for making the deliciously sweet filling cake and preparing all the food! oh oh, and NANA'S IBU!! THANK U CIK!!

the guys, i know u guys went out on sat nite but thank u for making sure Is woke up early. i mean going thru the extend of sleeping over at faizal's place after he came from reservist and then for the an early morning. awww.........

picnic was so filling coz i ate too much. then LUGE was crazy. the boys were going crazy to win the race. oh well, it was a race amongst them. not us, girls. we were cruising! hahahahha!

i know we all had fun and it was so tiring for everybody that me and boyfie got sick.

so here's a THANK U note...........................................

words is not enough to say how much i really appreciate you
all the complaints, rantings
really regretting it now
realising that it's me whose wrong
whatever u've done for me
i'm grateful u're in life
thank u
i love u, IS

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

23 years young

yeahness!! (in the words of brenda) i've turned 23rd with the blessings of Allah that I'm still alive and kicking to witness the day of my birth. hahaha!! SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH! (its a 1st, something religious on this blog)

this year, birthday was like any other normal day lar. wasnt expecting anything but hey, it was nice to have everyone gather for dinner on my bday. hardly see the rest of my family eating together. so its like a reunion lar.

anyways, the fact remains that even when i say i feel like an old lady because of my stupid aching body. i still feel like i'm an 18 yr girl. hahahahahhaha!!! dont feel like an adult at all!! nah, i still get nagged by my parents. my younger sis and bro will check on me time to time and will lecture me if they have to. but!! its not that i dont know how to take care of myself, its just i dun care much so they think i tu-lan! and my bro will msg me asking me wer am i, as if he's the older one! CEH!!

being 23!!! gosh!! 9 more months to graduation! 1 year more to working life! 2-4 years to get married! 5-6 years to have babies! 7 YEARS to the age, 30!! ARGH!!

well, more memories to make in the future...


Sunday, June 7, 2009


its gonna be another day. this is for expecting something on that so called special day. so much for asking a surprise. and indeed a surprise that i got. nothing. every year it lead to nothing special. well, i guess i'm not that special enough to have people appreciate me. oh well, i guess i dun show any bit of graciousness to anybody that the people i love surrounding me doesnt really care if its my special day. its just gonna another weekday. boring weekday that passes by and people wanna get over and done with. let the weekend come. forget about the wednesday that mean something to me. i guess if i gone missing, people wont even notice. he wont notice.

-------let me rot and get stacked within the huge piles of paper.----


so its THE season to get married. june holidays are here again and this weekend alone, i went to 4 different weddings. all of whom are completely so called strangers to me. coz i dun even know them except they have this relative thingy with my family. anyhow, all concepts are very different but one stands out the most coz the food was served old-styled. reminiscing the olden days when my parents and older cousin got married and everyone in the extended family helped out to serve the dishes and clear the plates. i remembered playing with water when i was supposed to wash plates and cups... hahahhahaha... the rest of the wedding, normal lar.. buffet style, then food cold. then one thing i hate about going to weddings is these people keep asking when's my turn.. for goodness sake, i'm not even done with school yet. oh well, some even say i looked like mak org... oh well, i look old for my age. but who cares. i like it like this.

so then me and my cousins and my aunt started to talk about weddings. i told them i wanna do it at sce sch hall coz there's air con... hahahhaha... but dun think can lar... just do at CC lar... but the one i went on sat, the CC hall very small.. and the food was cold.... hmmm.... at void deck, too hot.. so hot then i was perspiring that my make up almost wore off.

so much talk about wedding, i dun even know whether i'm meant for him... =(

Saturday, June 6, 2009

in a day's life

so how long has it been?? its been so long since i blog. anyway, i'm busy with my internship la... then back to school for another 6 months... then its GRADUATION, babe!!

but my love life has been great though... baby has been so romantic as ever... makes me feel like i wanna get married with him now... i even ask him to get engage.. ok... i think i should stop now. haiz...

ok there's nothing much to blog about anyway.

oh, i've catched 4 movies in a week. gila kan.... angels & demons, terminator salvation, night at the musuem 2 and moster vs aliens.

orh then, half of the year has gone so it means my birthday's coming. and i'm working. damn!

thanks my lil sis, for treating me swensens for an early bday celebration. eheh.... =)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

the period of the month

i hate this feeling of the month. i hate weekends also. i just cant get things i want. i never ask for the moon or stars. i just wanna spend the weekend with my loved ones but end up i'm at home without them. just like any other day.

i want to understand him but i cant seem to. i want attention but the attention given is just a while. when i want to let go, he's ready to give anything to me. but now, same je.... wait? yar, i'm waiting... still waiting.... and waiting....

i always remember what he says, promises to me. and i'm still waiting. or do i expect too much from him? but wat am i expecting from him? wat i want from him?

i dont want to expect anything from him because i know it would lead to a disappointment if i expect something from him.

argh!!! i'm so damn f*cked up. shitty shitty shitty!!!